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Space art

The main direction of the International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology is a scientific and philosophical research and understanding of space and stages of its evolution, the human place in the scale of the Earth and the cosmos, and the organization of continuity between generations through the perfection of the educational system - a new philosophy of education.

And since the philosophy of education - is not only science and philosophical generalization, but it is also a sensual and emotional component of human culture, the organizers of the International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology (ISPC) decided to create the fourth line of research – «Space art». On a deep conviction of the organizers and members ISPC neither science nor philosophy cannot develop without quality directional and harmoniously formed sensuous-emotional component of the human psyche. Research Scientist - is, above all, a man obsessed with the "sick" ambitious and reaching for the good of mankind projects. To reach the heights in science and philosophy need to be prepared for hard work, to learn:

  1. Be patient and persistent;
  2. Combining the mad flight of fancy with painful thoroughness pedant;
  3. Not work, and create;
  4. Do not wait to take;
  5. Do not cash in and earn, and giving and sharing;
  6. Do not engage in verbiage, a pile of words emphasizing his inability to express succinctly and specifically, and beat well - to a point, investing in words the emotions and knowledge, thereby giving its main point the flight into eternity. The motto of the professional: from quantitative cluttering thoughts in words, its quality of verbal framing. Brevity - the sister of talent.
  7. To build the present from the future - not to live the future, namely in the present embody open the future;
  8. Educate - to organize the succession between generations;
  9. Do not forget about the precursors of those who are inspired by creativity, prompted the idea - they are, have only to look inside yourself and admit to ourselves. Ugly alien arrogate to itself - time will put everything in its place. How will you treat his predecessors, and will treat you to a trail running.
  10. Enjoy reading and to inculcate a love of reading to others - just books, pictures and music perpetuates the flight of thought, creativity objectified;
  11. Immediate destination - a cross, which should faithfully carry through life. In his book «Garden Sheets Moria» Nicholas Roerich wrote:

Ask: How to move your life?
Answer: how to string the abyss -
Beautiful, carefully and swiftly.

In the service opened ideas - purpose, ought, it is terrible to become a fan. Fanaticism - it is blindness, narrowness, partiality, bias. Man of one idea, who cannot hear and see ourselves from outside - this is a sick man, sick in the full sense of the word. We must learn to objectively evaluate themselves and their creations - as bad as inflated self-esteem, and understated.

It is for this reason, the Internet project ISPC allocated direction – «Space art». From the viewpoint of the organizers of the project literature, poetry, painting and music, with the first steps in life, with mother's milk is formed in the younger generations of harmony at the level of spirituality, feelings and emotions that evoke a child's craving for knowledge, to implement their domestic capacities in large-scale space projects.

The main objective of the international Internet-project «Space art» is:

  1. In promoting the themes of space, in the revival of the youth desire of learning and exploration of outer spaces;
  2. The association of people, ideas and information on the topic «Space art»;
  3. In creating art library with the works of the cosmos.

The project «Space art», advertised by the International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology, provides communication site ISPC, publication and promotion of creative works of the project participants, conferences, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, organizational, financial and informational support.

President of the International Society of 
Philosophy and Cosmology
Ph.D., Professor
Bazaluk Oleg






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Space art
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