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126 participants from 25 countries. Dialogue as a keyword. The 10th World Congress of ISUD Report

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Published: 25 July 2014

 126 participants from 25 countries. Dialogue as a keyword.

The 10th World Congress of ISUD Report

DIALOGUE was present everywhere: in thoughtful presentations and discussions, debates and arguments, in the beautiful plays, in C. Brancusi’sculptures (between  eternity and infinity).
Maybe someone will come back home and there will be old problems: war in the country, low salaries or unruly children (maybe someone would have all those problems at the same time). But the Congress’s main contribution is the understanding that DIALOGUE is not only necessary, but also possible:
DIALOGUE between nature and human being
DIALOGUE between cultures
DIALOGUE between countries
DIALOGUE between ages
DIALOGUE between  genders
DIALOGUE between  nationalities and identities
DIALOGUE between  philosophical schools
DIALOGUE between  points of view
DIALOGUE between subjects of the curriculum.

Interaction in the paradigm "you are another I" gives a clear understanding that people can not only communicate in terms of ultimatums and claims, but also in the free DIALOGUE.

We express our gratitude to all the Organizers and the Speakers of the Congress!

We will bring the dialogue into our families and classes!

We will try to change the lives of our students and children, as you have changed our lives!

Together we are able to make this world better!

And we will work hard and develop ourselves to become participants of the next ISUD Congress and dive into the atmosphere of UNITY, MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING AND DIALOGUE!


Tetiana Matusevych







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