Berehova Halyna Dmytrivna

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Berehova Halyna Dmytrivna

Berehova Halyna Dmytrivna (born on September, 25, 1960, village of M. Horkii, Beryslav district Kherson region) – Doctor of Philosophical Sciences (09.00.10 – Philosophy of education), professor, head of the chair of Philosophy and social-humanitarian disciplines of the State Higher Educational Establishment «Kherson State Agrarian University», leader of the initiative scientific-research work on the subject «Humanitarian component in the system of higher education of Ukraine» (№ 0115U001618), member of the editorial board of the Scientific Journal «Future Human Image». Author of 160 scientific-methodical works. Teacher of the disciplines «Philosophy of Science», «Philosophical problems in Biology», «Philosophical problems in Ecology», «Ethics»; elaborator of the author's courses «Biophilosophy», «Ecophilosophy», «Bioethics».


Sphere of scientific interests

Philosophy of education, Philosophy of language, Biophilosophy, Ecophilosophy, Ethics, Bioethics.


Monographs and manuals

Main publications (in all about 120)