About the project

Filosofsko-Kosmologichne Obiednannya or International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology (ISPC)

ISPC is an organization formed at the suggestion of the participants of the First International Seminar "The Universe - structure, stages of the formation and development" (Pereyaslav, Ukraine, 5-7 October 2004).

President of the International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology is a Doctor of Sciences, Professor Oleg Bazaluk.

The participants of ISPC

The mission of community

The  ISPC mission is to сombine into a single information space scientific and philosophical researches of the cosmos: history, present and future. 


  1. The scientific and philosophical research of the structure of the Universe and the stages of its evolution.
  2. The study of man's place in the scale of the Earth and the cosmos;
  3. Scientific and philosophical analyzes of modern educational systems in order to create a future human image - an abstract ideal image of future generations of serving a guide for the existing systems of education;
  4. The theoretical and practical research of the organization and implementation of space travel. 

In addition to enabling high-quality communication and access to current information about the space exploration, ISPC publishes the academic scientific and philosophical journal Philosophy and Cosmology, series of monographs: "The future human image" and "Space Travel", conducts online conferences, international seminars, exhibitions, etc. 

A proposal for cooperation

ISPC is inviting to cooperate with philosophers, scientists, teachers, students, enthusiasts and all interested to create common information spaces in the space exploration.

E-mail: mfkoorg@gmail.com

Chairman of the International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology

Oleg Bazaluk 


Technical Manager of the International
Society of Philosophy and Cosmology
Sergey Lazarev