20 March 2014
International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology 
National Space Agency of Ukraine 
International Centre for Space Law 
International Academy of noosphere (sustainable development)
Kharkov Planetarium of Y. A. Gagarin

Hold the Third International Scientific and Practical Conference: 

November 7, 2014, Kharkiv, Ukraine 

Conference topics
Modern scientific (technical, philosophical, pedagogical, psychological, sociological, etc.) researches of the problem of space travel, with the aim of a broader and deeper interdisciplinary approach to researching the problems of development of near and far space. Consideration of the development prospects of space travel, space tourism and resettlement of mankind in space. 

Organizing Committee and Program Committee:
Kadenyuk Leonid Konstantinovich - The first cosmonaut of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine, astronaut tester, candidate of technical sciences; 
Bazaluk Oleg Alexandrovich - Chairman of the International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology, Ph.D., professor;
Geleznyak Galina Vasilievna - Director of the Kharkov Planetarium of Y. A. Gagarin; 
Krichevsky Sergey Vladimirovich - astronaut tester, Ph.D., professor; 
Malysheva Natalia Rafailovna - Deputy Director of the International Centre for Space Law, Academician of the Academy of Legal Sciences, Doctor of Law, Professor; 
Ursul Arkady Dmitrievich - President of the International Academy of noosphere (sustainable development), MANUR, founder and Honorary President of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics. K.E. Tsiolkovsky, honoured worker of science of the Russian Federation, Ph.D., professor; 

Questions for discussion
• The scientific and philosophical understanding of the prospects for the development of space travel and space tourism; 
• Finding new approaches and methods of surrounding space researchers; 
• Analysis of the ideas of space exploration that are relevant for the further development of culture, science, technology, pedagogy and educational philosophy; 
• Resettlement of mankind in space; 
• Study the behavior of human beings in long-duration space travel; 
• Space Law: the stages of formation and development. Prospects for the development of space law in the world and in Ukraine; 
• Analysis of current development projects of Mars, the Moon and other planets. 

Please submit papers as email attachments to 

Papers submitted to the conference will be posted on the ISPC site. Articles selected by the organizing committee will be published in the scientific journal Philosophy and Cosmology ( 
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Submissions should be emailed to 
Submission Deadline: November 1, 2014 
Date of notification: November 7, 2014 Kharkov (Ukraine)
Please direct any questions about the conference or your submission to the organizing committee: or (Oleg Bazaluk)