The war in Ukraine. Reports from the burning Kiev

23 February 2014

Oleg Bazaluk

The war in Ukraine.  Reports from the burning Kiev


6.00 . February 19, 2014

Today I had to go to deliver lectures in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky Pedagogical University , but to leave the center of Kiev it is impossible – all roads are dead : metro is dead from yesterday ,  public transportation has  irregularity. But the most important thing - the soul is pulled in a thousand different directions and the heart beats irregularly from the understanding that at my relatively not long (46 years!)  life it is the second time I lose my country! What lectures, what work, when everything inside me are seething, thoughts like waves beating against the rocks and spread  foam from outrage and indignation. Through the window it is heared the cries of  Majdan , explosions , shooting, songs of people from Maydan , calls for insurrection.

And what is the most interesting, I'm with them there, in the square. And this report is not from my apartment, which is located fifteen minutes from Majdan Nezalezhnosti (Independence), and from the main square of Ukraine. I was there, I saw with my own eyes, and only there I realized that  at my desk, I will do for my Motherland more than  in the square, among the crowd of thousands of my brothers  Ukrainians.

Time changes! In 1988 , I was a cadet of the Military High Command of the Red Banner of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs College , dressed in ammunition special police units : shield , helmet, stick , together with my  fellow classmates participated in the " public order " in Azerbaijan , Armenia, Georgia Federal Republic . I saw mad faces of people I felt their hatred, but at my 19 I did not feel hating to them. All happened in that period : we were shot , thrown with  stones, beaten, harassed , humiliated and verbally provoked , but we were carrying out the order of the High Command , we were people - we were not reciprocated . As we had no cruelty, no one was incited against the demonstrators , nobody  tried to instill us hatred to them . We carried out our work , remaining ordinary Soviet citizens - people with our human feelings and receptivity . We did not understand a lot , and that can be understood in 19-20 years old  and even in 1988, when people did not know the words "glasnost " and " freedom of speech" . But we,  the future officers of special police units (then still called them "red berets") brought humanity, conscience, honor and dignity.

A lot of words, but what history is with them! I was Leninsky scholarship, honors, Communist (18 years), athlete, learned not just to serve the Motherland, and I was ready  to become an officer !  In the Soviet Union, Russia, the officers were always a special caste , they were taught  to protect the weak , humiliated and insulted , and put in place impudent , upstarts and moral monsters .

I am grateful to my teachers officers who were in Afghanistan and prepared us for the hard service in special police units , taught us to always stay with a "cool head , a warm heart and clean hands"! Low bow for the school of life. And that's why watching "colleagues" of "Berkut" who snatching demonstrators from the crowd and beat them unarmed and lying on the ground to die, I understand that I - senior lieutenant of special police units of the USSR , the award on behalf of the Supreme Soviet Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan . SSR on April 6, 1988 at the time the highest government police medal "For Distinguished Service to the protection of public order ," not with them, not with those who brought these moral monsters , dressed in police uniforms and gave authority to the destruction of their own people . I am with those who are on the barricades , who labeled as "radicals", "nationalists", " Bender " and other derogatory words, but in fact there are: professors with their students, business leaders, with their "subordinates" Ukrainians east and west , and I, born in Kharkov region, with my body and soul with them. We all came here not for money, not because of hatred for Russia, not because of love to the EU, we are not American and Russian spies, and we are people who are just tired.

We are tired of President Yanukovych , who for two years has made his son a billionaire , we are tired of the "young" ministers representing the interests of the "family" and to plunder Ukraine brazen and cynical, we are tired of lawlessness and prosperous prisoners orders.

That's why we're here. Here, on the Majdan, weak, humiliated and insulted, and therefore, as an officer, I have to protect them, should at least tell the truth about them.

And I 'll tell you.


13.00.  February 19, 2014

Dinner time. The part of the area (Majdan) was occupied by "Berkut". But  people arrived. Despite manipulating public opinion from TV screens, radio, newspapers, despite the firing in the streets, increasing number of killed and anyone can simply get in danger at the same time a lot of men, women, old men youth were making their way on foot, by cars (the subway was stopped working) to the Square. People went with families, with friends, some of them alone. Every hour not indifferent became less and less. And if firstly the confusion reigned in the city – very few people expected the bloodshed, - later and now hearts of many people were cloaked in indignation. The fear on which the power probably expected wasn’t present absolutely. The more they slung mud at demonstrators, the more provocations were arranged, the more people rose in the capital because unlike the East of the country and other states which judge events only from the telecasts(bought by the power) for a long time, we see and feel themselves that occurs actually.

And actually, the events in the Square of Independence are only part of that outrage and indignation that people got from the power and the hearts and thoughts of Ukrainians are overflowed with it. Probably, therefore the power doesn't hurry to smooth out Majdan because Majdan is only a symbol of freedom of Ukraine and, having smoothed out it from people, from hearts of the multimillion nation you can't root out freedom.

I remember 2004. The president Kuchma as the follower nominated the governor of Donetsk region Victor Yanukovych. The juggling in the polling stations was so obvious and impudent that the indignant people came to the Majdan and “Orange Revolution” began. At that time I was Victor Yanukovych's ardent supporter and considered all events as intrigues of Europe and the USA. Firstly I felt hatred to the people from the Western Ukraine who ocuppied Kiev and demanded to change the power. I considered them as traitors so I didn't perceive the events and decided to leave Kiev and went home to Lozovaja, Kharkov region. I, the former officer of the Soviet army, didn't want in NATO as the scientist in the field of neurophilosophy, psychology and cosmology, I could freely work in the conditions of the brotherly relations with Russia. Therefore I categorically was opposed any revolutions.

But in the homeland I didn't find rest. My sister left home for Majdan, the most part of my friends: from Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk and Zaporozhye, went to Majdan too. But why? – I didn't understand. For NATO? For the USA? Europe?

Revolution came true. The power exchanged. As it was considered, "justice" was triumphed. In the country "democratic" changes began. For five years Ukraine  wallowed in chaos and conflicts. Especially the East Ukraine got from "revolutionaries": Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions.

Euphoria after orange revolution passed quickly. Already a year later the new power squabbled among themselves, and the new parliament which was updated practically on two - thirds, began to steal even more. In the History of Ukraine new characters appeared: mad, troublemaking and thievish Yulia Timoshenko, the fan of bees, demagogy and inaction the President Yushchenko, the addict and the thief Leonid Chernovetsky with the "young team", inclined to the alcoholism, Yury Lutsenko betrayed the benefactors and mentors, and many new surnames which have become odious and nominal in the people. Those who were at the nights in Majdan, instead of expected "prosperity" received anarchy, instead of wellbeing and prosperity become more poor. The next revolution didn't happen only thanks to the President Yushchenko  dismissed the parliament or changed the Cabinet. The orange "revolutionaries" were changed by the white-blue "regionals" and then new and new changes. Nobody could be in power for a long time therefore the degree of national anger with new resignation of the government decreased and the people for a while found new hopes.

It is necessary to pay a tribute – all these governmental fights bothered the people beginning from the Western Ukraine and finishing the Eastern Ukraine, Ukrainians admitted the mistake and a lot of them decided at the next presidential elections in 2010 to vote for Victor Yanukovych. I voted again for him because I considered that he would be able to make peace in Ukraine. Lately I felt bored as well as everybody in the country of constant squabbles, abuse of power and showdowns of "revolutionaries”.

I confess that I as a voter respecting the voice in the independent state, is guilty that I and my Motherland have this President. I won't justify it was my choice, as well as a choice of the most part of Ukrainians who voted for him. It was honest election despite all administrative resource, despite billion invested money, support of Russia, the USA and Europe, Yulia Timoshenko lost. And many people believed in her victory– only the President became Victor Yanukovych.

But none of us, Victor Yanukovych's supporters couldn't think that the fourth President of Ukraine will get in the history as Victor “Bloody”. Not Victor “Prisoner”, Not Victor “Thief”, namely – Victor “Bloody” because only at his governing Ukrainians’blood was shed.  I’d like to notice that blood was shed twice.

Personally I had nothing against Victor Yanukovych for a long time. I delivered lectures at university, was implemented in science, got the governmental awards. I worked for the image of the Motherland, as well as thousands my compatriots from the Eastern and the Western Ukraine. Victor Yanukovych's Victory, in something even drew closer the Eastern and the Western Ukraine because all of us wanted stability, prosperity and well paid work.

And we worked without cease, everyone in his own job. And the thesis of the President Yanukovych "Donbass- “empties” doesn't drive". We only became encouraged in our iridescent dreams and prospects.

Our hopes started vanishing relatively recently, approximately a year ago. All of us found regularity: the more we worked, the more we felt poverty. There were new young faces in the government, the fiscal ministries began to unite and even more became to control business. We were taxed as in no state of the world, busily forced to be honest and from the earned one Hryvna of nearly 80 kopeeks to give to the country budget. We patched holes in the budget, got from the criminal Tymoshenko, worked for the image of Ukraine for the sake of Euro 2012, the prospect of carrying out the Olympic Games in Lviv suddenly appeared.

But, at the same time, the worse life was, the louder new concept -“family” began to declare. It was found out that while we worked for the good of the next  idea, all main posts in the government were held by "family", budgetary funds were appropriated for "family” companies, judges work – for "family", in the parliament the word "families" dominates and Independent Ukraine became a "family" ancestral lands. Once in Ukraine people understood that we have been working no more for the country and for wellbeing of "family" and oligarchs who were close to it. And only now their appeals became clear: "more to work", "to be honest", "in time to pay in the budget".

Ukrainians started recovering. Firstly timidly and cautiously people began to come to Majdan and to demand justice. Remembering mad and troublemaking orange "revolutionaries" they didn't steal the people so impudently. It was done at Presidents Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko but so openly to steal only in the “family” –in the history of Ukraine wasn't. The "family" of the President Yanukovych is young, big, impudent and wasn't going to share money. And what we were waiting in future …

February 19, 2014

 I have just returned from “Majdan”. Staying at home and listening to shots and explosions it is one of the sides, and being in the thick of things it is perfect another. What is there, in “Majdan”? In “Majdan” now it is rather quiet if it may be said about a zone of the real military conflict. Today people were fewer, than after the first shed blood. But may be many of them had a rest after sleepless bloody fights. There were a lot of journalists, cars bringing food, tires, firewood, petrol.  Grassroots who freely drove up to barricades and freely gave everything to demonstrators. The panic wasn't there – the power of tranquility and confidence was felt.

Passing by the Cossack hero Mikhail Gavrilyuk I remembered that frosty day it was -25º when he was undressed and beaten by fighters of "Berkut". They beat him and took photos smiling each other. I asked myself whom they were going to show those photos, to their wives, mothers, children… It was an open-ended question. Sitting near a tent Mikhail looked tired, not responding to photographers and passers-by. This man, lean in outward appearance was so strong inside. The atmosphere in Kiev was quite as days off, the streets were empty. It was unusual for the working day. In “Majdan” men were preparing for new attacks: some of men destroyed a paving blocks, some had a snack, reinforcement arrived and took their places. Buses with numbers from the Western areas came, but in “Majdan” you might meet not only "banderovites"- people from western part of Ukraine and "radicals" but also a lot of people speaking Russian.  People of all ages, even it was really hard to mark out prevailing generation: from 17 to 60. And all of them were working for the good of “Majdan”.

          The burnt structure of Trade Unions Building looked tragically, but it was tragic not for those who were in “Majdan”, and for the goverment. Reading responses to the first report, I was a little bit upset – how skillfully the goverment manipulated consciousness of people. The truth was one how differently it was perceived by people.

In 2004 for a long time I considered that people standing in “Majdan” are there only for the sake of money. And there really a lot of men stood for money but as it appeared absolutely insignificant part. Many came for belief, for the future – and then I didn't understand them. Only now it became clear to me that then, in 2004 other people who were standing there, in “Majdan”, for the whole five years secured Ukraine against a bloody regime of the President Yanukovych.

This “Majdan” differs from the previous one. Now People stood precisely not for money. For the first time I got there after the first shed blood – on January 22, 2014, I came together with the students and colleagues, teachers of universities. There was no food because the people arrived by the thousands, and I took the simple professorial savings in the nearest ATM and gave to “Majdan” cash desk. There were people at the ATM and I think they did as well. That night we were tens of thousands: came by jeeps and cars, women in mink coats carried trays with sandwiches in the explosions of grenades. Around enthusiasm and a common fit of hatred to this government reigned. At 4 o'clock in the morning I saw how in an environment of the indignant Russian-speaking men Oleg Tyagnibok justified, slightly further in rather bigger circle Vitaly Klitschko told something. At night we  sang the anthem with our Ukrainian singer, Ruslana. That night was a hard frost and in our tent the youth and sedate people, visitors from the East and Western Ukraine warmed.

What united us? Hatred to the government, to "family"?  Frankly speaking, at that time it wasn’t present. There were appeals to early presidential election, but I, and many in “Majdan” with scepticism were put to applicants for the Presidential chair. Whom to put instead of Victor Yanukovych - Oleg Tyagnibok? But his authority is limited by three West Ukrainian areas, and East Ukraine hates it more, than Yanukovych. Vitaly Klitschko? But at all all central Ukraine supports its nomination. And for Arseny Yatsenyuk the speech didn't go at all, I heard, what contemptuous whistle causes its emergence on the Maidan. So whom East Ukraine will follow? There was Sergey Tigipko and was on sale the authorities, however, speak for expensively. Therefore the alternative to Yanukovych in East Ukraine while isn't present. Though as admit "Donetsk" his "family" and there already I got all.

In January people came to “Majdan” for other purpose – all of them wanted the guilty to be punished: the guilty for night dispersal of students who would leave in one or two days, the guilty for death of people in “Majdan”. And  I don’t know why everybody was sure that our President for the sake of the peace and tranquillity in the state would offer one of members of "family" - the Minister of Internal Affairs or the young general Zakharchenko, only his look caused fierce indignation in the people. The police changed so much during the reign of  Zakharchenko. They began to remind more gangster group than protecting government institution. Besides for all exposures of the general as well as all "family" first of all he was a successful businessman, the owner of a trademark, holding and only then the general.

As I remember, with what impatience we waited for morning to be convinced of the victory but our elected President was against the will of the people – the general Zakharchenko knew about "family" therefore the President decided to neglect opinion of the people.

And after that, personally I felt indignation against the elected President – who showed how he did not respect the people and at the same time the general- businessman, the officials who were guilty of death of two Ukrainians became closer, than opinion of many thousands people in “Majdan”. And only after that I and many others understood that "family" finally opposed itself to the Ukrainian society.

That is interesting, several weeks ago in the Institute of Philosophy which is located near the Square of Independence was holding the important event. Delegates from all regions of Ukraine arrived, I would tell – the best of the Ukrainian philosophical society. Of course all conversations were about the events in “Majdan”. Surprised two facts: 1) unity of indignation concerning "family" and a lawlessness created by it, and 2) desire to keep integrity of Ukraine. From Uzhgorod to Kharkov, from the Crimea to Chernigov spoke in one tonality. It really impressed because in 2004 after the Orange revolution, many of us long time didn't talk with each other – essentially various became our views.

And in one thing we referred – among present oppositional leaders there was no worthy applicant for the Presidential chair. But it is necessary to choose them until each new President, each new minister, the official, the deputy will not remember that the power is not forever and until  they serve the people. As soon as he starts to forget about the people and to think of "family" - a new “Majdan” will come. And it will be until Yanukovych and the "families" won't sink into history as a bad dream while with opinion of the people won't begin to reckon …

The president Yanukovych with all the surroundings declared the war to the Ukrainian people and the people accepted a call – he and his "family" started using  the methods to intimidate and break the will of Ukrainians. Only then to the forefront radicals came, and only after a lawlessness of the government there was "The right sector" and to it the similar organizations.

9.00.  February 20, 2014

 In Kiev it was raining the whole night, only at daybreak stopped. The truce was declared. The state power was already ready to follow the people' wish and change everything, except re-elections of the President. It is unbelievable that the mind can be blinded by the power so much that politicians simply cling to it. After all there is no power of the President Yanukovych in Ukraine. All Western regions were seized, Central – one of those days too would get rid of "family". There were only East regions of Ukraine which did not know by whom to follow?

I looked through morning papers on Internet – as differently events occurring in Ukraine described. All events for the Ukrainian people are a grief but for others, reading the articles it is a show, public relations, self-interest. Some see in the events a connection with the USA and Europe, others – direct intervention of Russia. But after all we, Ukrainians will live in this state therefore each of us independently has to understand the events, estimate and make the choice.

For this reason I started writing the reportings. First of all to understand most and to show another this hard way of evolution of views: from desire of restoration in Ukraine of "the strong power" to democracy – " Majdan power".

What is “Majdan” for Ukraine? It is a Square of Freedom to which everyone is free to come and to state the claims against the government, or together – peacefully - to make the decision as, for example, the Zaporozhye Cossacks made in due time the decision. And how differently is it possible to state the indignation of the events in the country? Presidential election is once in five years, the Parliament is not for the people for a long time, corrupt judges work in the interests of the power, the press, except for several editions so one-sidedly covers the news that doesn't leave little doubt in its political commitment. There is “Majdan” – a peaceful “Majdan” as the last hope to make a claim to the power. After all we elected it and it has to work for us.

At the President Yanukovych the first “Majdan” occurred in a year of his election – at the end of 2010. Then thousands businessmen in Ukraine were against the Tax code of "Azarov-Tigipka" adopted by the Parliament. That time the Prime minister Mykola Azarov and his deputy Sergey Tigipko from screens of all TV channels and printing editions assured people that in connection with criminal activity of the government of Yulia Timoshenko in the state treasury didn't remain means and therefore it is necessary "to be drawn in", reject personal interests and to think of the future of Ukraine. The Tax “Majdan” achieved only partial cancellation of the code of "Azarov-Tigipka" and dispersed, settling for less.

In East Ukraine with the hope looked at work of the President Yanukovych and his immediate environment, including the Prime minister Azarov. After all professionals came! As in due time the President Yushchenko who came to power and his environment had a full support of the Ukrainian people eager changes to the best, and now the new power due to the vast majority of workers of the metallurgical enterprises, miners and inhabitants of East Ukraine the pro-imperious majority in legislative, executive and judicial authority was formed. All of us dreamed of bright future, after all "Donbass doesn't drive empties".

What cynical words and acts of the statesmen elected by us we discovered then. We will consider one more comic (thanks to humour "95th block") and at the same time tragic (proceeding the condition of the economy of Ukraine) the character in the Ukrainian policy – Mykola Azarov. After events on January 22, 2014 “Majdan” began to insist on the resignation of Mykola Azarov and unwillingness of the President Yanukovych to relieve the Minister of Internal Affairs general Zakharchenko of the position.

Who was Mykola Azarov for the Ukrainian people?

At once I admit, I respected this person for a long time, as the scientist who had made a lot of for safety of miners in mines, as the head and the person. Many good acquaintances worked with Mykola Azarov and responded about him only positively: and as about the organizer, and as about the head. But during last year my opinion started changing. Let's see truly, after “orange revolutionaries" the new power got the disrupted economy. But after all three years passed, and the life didn't become easier on the contrary heavier. In my presence talented students left Ukraine and went abroad. Winning the western grants perspective scientists moved there. My mother, thirty five years worked the nurse, only at this power she wasn't able to afford at least once a week to buy meat on a pension any more, and the mother-in-law, forty years worked the teacher in elementary grades, only at the President Yanukovych and the Prime minister Azarov began to buy clothes in a second-hand because her pension was low.  Many people in Ukraine had a hard time!

When  the Austrian business of Azarov’s son was revealed and the general public found out that Azarov's daughter-in-law issues in Austria the glossy magazine for the glamourous abroad, then Azarov's ardent speech in “Maydan” about the rotting Europe was apprehended by all people as open mockery. Then besides that the people had been robbed, so still the stolen money was invested in the development of the other state!

It was the last drop which had overflowed a bowl of national patience. After exposures about glamourous life and promptly developing Austrian business of the Azarovs and brothers Klyuev, and also excess wellbeing of other members of "family" of the President Yanukovych, holding key positions in executive and legislature power of Ukraine, there was an obvious desire to correct own error – to take away the power from the people who were real freaks. I emphasize, moral freaks I call those who betray interests of the Motherland and the people. The moral freak is a traitor, for pennies trampling the national interests and the future of Ukraine.

          That’s why many people came to “Majdan”, and made the barricades. For this reasons, not for Europe or against Russia as it was published by many editions. But about it in the following reporting …  

14.00 .  February 20, 2014

 On February 20, the President Yanukovych declared the memorial Day. Not so bad the memorial Day! Everywhere the firearms are openly used, corpses and wounded aren’t managed to carry away from streets. There are victims from both sides. In the Western Ukraine military units went across to the rebels, and now the firearms shoots from all directions. There is a real war!

The president Yanukovych as well as opposition leaders can’t control a situation any more. The president some hours bargains for the future with the European leaders, the opposition leaders - convoke the government in the afternoon. The Party of “Region” leaves People's Deputies – probably having felt weakness of the state power and ceased to be afraid of "family". After all, before the most obstinate deputies were deprived of a deputy badge in the courts and sent to a prison – for others’ edification. The such idea didn't entered Tymoshenko’s head – though the adviser under Tymoshenko and Yanukovych was the same person – Andrey Portnov. He is a genius of manipulations with the laws and the Constitution. It is under him the law stopped being the same for all, and began to be treated how the powers that like to be. As the result Tymoshenko got to the prison and Yanukovych – was tried by a tribunal?

It is possible, Peolple’s deputies from the Western Ukraine who sold out the power, were reckless of consequence? After all, having such rate they may get to the Hague tribunal. It is a real genocide against Ukrainian people. We know that the choice was between to sacrifice the power or to make bloodshed. This President and his leaders for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine chose the second option. Three Presidents: Kravchuk, Kuchma and Yushchenko chose the first option – gave the power and didn't allow bloodshed. Low bow to them for it. Only the President Yanukovych couldn't leave the power and the estate in Mezhgirye therefore he has already gone down in history as Victor “Bloody”.

In the city there is a ten-point traffic jam. Trams are overcrowded and it is impossible to get into them. At the gas stations there was a kilometer line because on the Internet there was a message that by the evening in Kiev there will be no petrol. The chaos and confusion is reigning around. In the airports the most cunning friends of the President were taking to flight as rats from the sinking ship.

Most of all one question excited me – who wished the war? I was called from all regions of Ukraine and Russia and asked the same question: Who is the screenwriter of bloody change of the power in Ukraine? Any way, everywhere in this country there were our brothers – the Ukrainian people!

To answer that Americans and their European colleagues did it, it will be too simple. Certainly, business didn't do without "sponsor's" money and organizational helps of the western experts. To organize “Majdan” of such scale and to keep it so long time it costs serious expenses and organizing efforts. I saw in “Majdan” the professionals who trained defenders of “Majdan” at the nights to use shields and bludgeons being single and in a formation, but it was our retired officers of special  military units or soldiers having fought in Afghanistan. I watched how much money was brought to the aid of “Majdan” by people, but my opinion that money was not enough to maintain the organization of such level and such scale.

My personal opinion – the President Yanukovych has left himself. He is not a player of the level in order to come that game according to Europe, the USA and Russia. He is a pawn who has got a false idea by the king. For this reason in difficult geopolitical chess game much more serious players will leave him without compunction.

The president Yanukovych overestimated the influence on the processes happening in Ukraine. Having put all key positions in the state to representatives of "family" from Donetsk, having given practically to each mayor of the least small town an observer from Donetsk, having made enter heads of all links in Party of “Region”. The President Yanukovych forgot that Ukraine is not Donetsk region living by the rules of the underworld. From the Western and Central regions the population works in Europe and despite their being guest workers they got used to be respected. From East Ukraine the people did not only go to have a rest to Turkey but also they studied or spent time in the European states or the USA. They will never agree to live by the rules of the underworld or in fear. It also turns out that the President Yanukovych was surely going to be elected the second term having played with Europe and Russia to such an extent and did not notice that someone from those players was subtly feeling a situation, the scenario was simply detailed and it pushed people to “Majdan” …

The “Majdan” came and sincere anger of the Ukrainian people that wanted at the beginning only one – justice and punishment was farther. The majority in “Maidan” didn't think over a difficult geopolitical game of chess which was played by high rollers and in which all of us acted as pawns. We were simply fed up! We were bored to work for "family"! We were bored to live in poverty! We were bored to be always guilty!

As a result we have a revolution and bloodshed. Is it a price of freedom? Are the victims of the illusive future which waits Ukraine worth it? And what future will my Motheland wait?

Personally my opinion – it is worth changing our life. In 1936 the known Spanish revolutionist Dolores Ibarruri told “It is better to die on feet, than to live on knees”, stirring up the people to action against fascism. For Ukraine the mode of the President Yanukovych and his "family" became the same fascism against which “Majdan” came.

You tell that it is told loudly? Did I go too far? But in 2013 we felt the returning of the beginning of the 90th in Ukraine, remembering the time of gang war, protection, racket, firing in the center of the cities, unsolved murders and disappearance of people dissatisfied with the power, impudent denuding of money  from business, criminals occupy senior positions . Probably it is not fascism as we understand the meaning this word but in XXI century only moral freaks could create such living conditions for the people. That’s why people came to “Majdan” to be opposed to moral freaks. Unfortunately  our brothers, Russians did not  push us to it, …


22.00.  February 20, 2014

 I have just returned from “Majdan”. It is really national mourning. The death toll was about a hundred people from both parties and it happened only during one today. May the earth be soft as swan's-down for them and they rest in peace!...

I cannot imagine how strongly the people had to be hated to shoot at them with service cartridges! All people saw how our President was afraid for his creaturely life to send unarmed soldiers to hell! The president Yanukovych will burn in hell for his actions!

Now the general-businessman Zakharchenko brands all of us "radicals" in the press. Is it me "radical" who to research only in science? Are my students who are most complacent and peaceful young people "radicals"? May be my colleagues, university teachers are "radicals"?

It is the simplest to brand somebody. But the truth is available – the President Yanukovych and the representatives of his "family" are the moral freaks having robbed the people and built prospering business for their families in Austria, Germany and other European states.  While they have power over the people all of us: from the West to the East of Ukraine, from Lugansk and Donetsk to Uzhgorod and Lviv, we will be for them and their environment "radicals". Having looked through the list of deaths: there are guys from Donetsk and Lviv, Ivano-Frankovsk and Zaporozhye. In “Maidan” Ukraine is a single whole and only members of your clan, trying to justify themselves, they divide us into "radicals" and “obedient” to their mode.

Now I will pass to very a difficult and painful subject not only for me but also for many Ukrainians – the relation to Russia. I won't speak for others. It is only my reputation in a game. Reading the responses to my reportings I got to know about myself a lot of new. I was branded by everybody and was suspected in everything. I am not behind others backs, nicknames and avatars, I won't hide behind the pronoun "we" and wriggle as a prostitute, pleasing Russia and Europe. Now in a game destiny of my people and my Motherland therefore I will speak only for myself as I was taught by my teachers and life.

As for me Russia is the Soviet Union, my first Homeland. Having studied for four years in the Caucasus, I got the first diploma in Russia. Then there were three years of service in Moscow in the Police regiment. It was a separate motorized infantry division

of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR of special function of F. E. Dzerzhinsky. Our unit was situated in the center of Moscow soon I started feeling almost Moscow born and when after work in the early nineties I was standing in a livelong turn to buy a loaf of bread I became furious. I was overflowed with a rage from all those visitors from the suburb of Moscow who came buying up everything in shops and creating never-ending turns for native inhabitants of Moscow.

In Moscow my oldest daughter was born. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union I used the opportunity to return to Ukraine otherwise I remained in Russia as my colleagues and tens of thousands of Ukrainians did.

I am the only teacher who at the reign of the President Yushchenko delivered lectures at the university in Russian, and I am grateful to the authority of university, that they paid no attention to it. Even when excellent students received very poor from me that they refused to read Russian-speaking scientific literature, I continued to work at the University and was not punished. I patiently explained to all national aiming students that Russian language is the same native language for us as well as Ukrainian.

I still consider that Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are complete people which is united by single culture, history and language. As the vast majority in “Majdan” I consider that nobody waits for us in Europe. In the European Union there are a lot of problems without us. I know that with our Slavic mentality, tendency to the community, to the solution of questions together, we will never be understood in the European states, and we will never accept their individualism and isolation. For this reason, in my opinion, the Bologna educational system can't be in Ukraine and not in Russia because it was made up by them - the European mentality. I, as well as 90 percent standing in “Majdan”, consider that Russia is the only strategic partner of Ukraine, and only with Russia and Belarus we can make great history on the political map of the world.

But, at the same time, on the other hand,  since 2004 being engaged in the field of philosophy, I had an opportunity to study new educational technologies at leading European universities. And I studied the organization of educational process at leading universities of France, England, Germany, Austria. Now I began to study university education in Asia – I was in China, I am going to Japan and India. I had the possibility to compare a way of life of students and teachers of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus on the one hand, and the leading states of Europe and Asia to another. It awoke the desire to introduce the best that I found in the West in educational process in the homeland, in Ukraine.

I am a citizen of Ukraine. I want only one that my Homeland became the best, and life became worthy that work in which each Ukrainian daily realizes himself. I want Ukraine would have the best that is in Russia, Europe, the USA, Canada, China and many other leading states of the world because I want our people to live not worse than citizens of the developed countries. I don't want to feel like the citizen of "the third grade" and to redden with shame that my Homeland with thousand-year nice history is known only with Chernobyl and Klitschko's brothers. I consider that Ukraine has its own way of development and the history. And as the citizen of this country I don't want that someone interfered with our affairs and dictated us the conditions. I want partnership with the neighbors and with Russia even the brotherly.

I am often asked why Ukrainians don't love Russians? It is not the truth, once more I emphasize – we have one culture, history and language. I want to ask differently – why Russians stopped to understand Ukrainians? How it could happen: in 2004 at the election of the president of Ukraine Russia openly put Victor Yanukovych at the President but Victor Yushchenko was chosen. In 2010 at Presidential election in Ukraine the Russian government openly supported Yulia Timoshenko but the Ukrainian people were already tired by then of her squabbles therefore the President became Victor Yanukovych. How it is possible to explain during three-year obstinacy of Russia on gas price for Ukraine, trade wars, and then suddenly a smart New Year's gift - 15 milliard (in dollars, however, in parts) the tranche of Russia to Ukraine at the end of January, 2014? Who misleads the government of Russia and brings misunderstanding between our people? After all by that time workers of the budgetary spheres in Ukraine didn't get salaries more than two months, families of teachers, doctors and other social workers were starving for meal. The first time for the last five years it started detaining payment of pensions, and the people already hated furiously the Government of Ukraine and the "family" clan! In the press it presented as a choice of Ukraine between Europe and Russia, actually, the European Union didn't give money and without money Yanukovych's power was doomed. The president Yanukovych only was enhancing his reputation towards Russia while "family" was taking away all treasure from Ukraine and it was on the verge of default. The Russian money delayed falling of a mode of Yanukovych. The Russian money distributed debts on salaries and pensions, but in principle nothing changed– "family" continued to rob own people, and the people continued to hate it more.

I have a simple question to Russian brothers– why was the doomed power supported in Ukraine? Why did you oppose yourselves to the desire of the Ukrainian people to overthrow the "family" power?  Was it not better to have poured that enormous money into finding the alternative of the President Yanukovych?

After all, look at three oppositional leaders – each of them has the European capital. They were trained gradually. And where is the pro-Russian candidate who would possess at least such authority in the east of Ukraine as, for example, Oleg Tyagnibok in the Western Ukraine? The enormous sums of the Russian capital were invested in the economy of Ukraine – for whose image did they work? In what was political strategy of Russia concerning Ukraine shown? Two years ago I wrote in the researches that any policy is a strategy, it is a training of the future candidates for the Presidency, politicians of high level which would pursue policy favorable to Ukraine!

Who will people from the Eastern Ukraine vote for? Who will Ukrainians which settled in Russia vote for? What alternative candidate is there in Russia to the President Victor “Bloody”?


Maybe because of someone's mistakes in the strategy now all of us are branded "radicals" and exposed in the press and the telecasts "Bandera" and "sold to Europe"? Indeed, it is easier to hide own mistakes and stupidity for nationalism. And I, as well as many “maydanovets”, we want only one thing – to live with dignity and to develop, and together with the fraternal Russian people!

9.00.  February 21, 2014

 Everything has already finished and became peacefully. Silence. The subway has run. But Kiev was so empty as everybody died out. In the downtown many show-windows are hammered with particleboards and almost fully deserted  in streets. How the richest state has changed!

It is the last reporting in which as the cry from the heart I want to ask about one thing – about understanding! In the peace time I am simply a scientist, seeking to glorify the Homeland and the people. To the best of my abilities I try to make so that each Ukrainian has worthy salary, pension, a way of life. I love my Homeland and the people and also want my children’s life was easier than mine.  All  parents wish it, and my parents wanted it too …

We standing in “Majdan” and fighting against the arbitrariness of the power of "family" are called "radicals", "nationalists", "Bandera", but look here:

It is the reference to the estate of the Prime minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov in the most prestigious district of Vienna (Austria).

And here:  

the most expensive estate of London belonging to the sponsor of “Party of Regions” to Rinat Akhmetov.


on video it is shown what cars are belonged to People's Deputies of Ukraine – the servants of the Ukrainian people. And here:  

photos of the estate of the “general-businessman” Zakharchenko, the Ukrainian people were killed with his orders.

That was a walk-in victory for him

 Clever Russian-speaking people will be a walk-in work to enter "Google" and write surnames of the Ukrainian officials and deputies into inquiry of the searcher, and to see their way of life. Read for the sake of interest information about these people: Alexander Efremov (the head of fraction of “Party of Regions” in the Parliament), brothers Klyuev (one present Chief of Presidential Administration of Ukraine, other People's Deputy of Ukraine), Pyotr Simonenko (the main communist of Ukraine), Pshonka's family (the father – the General prosecutor of Ukraine, the son – the People's Deputy), at last the Yanukovichs (the father – the President of Ukraine, the eldest son – the genius in business who has become the billionaire "honestly" during a year , the younger son – the People's Deputy of Ukraine) and others.

Could you imagine if the servants of Ukrainian people live so luxuriously and with gloss as we have to live - our people!?

But anyway we don't live so luxuriously!  The most dismal is that in these estates bought for million dollars, premium class cars, the prices of suits are from 3 thousand dollars and higher, watches from 10 thousand dollars and higher – money was stolen not only from me and Ukrainian people, but also yours, Russian. They robbed everything that got to the budget – from taxes, various social dues, credits, grants, humanitarian assistance. These moral freaks as insatiable bugs used the power to change one expensive car for more expensive one, to get the next estate not in Kaluga or Ivanov but in Paris, Vienna, Munich or in other prospering region of Côte d'Azur. In the Principality of Monaco at the excursion our group of teachers were surprised seeing two "Rolls-Royces" with the Ukrainian registration plates and the passengers, politicians who are standing up for "the rotting Europe" and prospering homosexuality in it. And after all, the price of two-room apartment with no sea view in Monaco is about two million Euros.

And after all I am "romantic", "nationalist", "radical" and "Bandera", aren’t you?

Why in Russia the President Putin forbade officials to have real estate abroad – it is normal but in Ukraine when we rose against deputies who coded the declarations for the income, ministers who bought up a lot of real estate abroad, and "family" of the President who openly robbed the people – we turned into criminals?

And I am "romantic", "nationalist", "radical" and "Bandera", as well as the most part of people standing in the Squire of Independence, I want a little – to live according to the European standarts:

1. I want deputies, servants of the people, worked for those who had chosen them and entrusted the power.  They reported about their income and didn't hide from me, the employer, behind backs of protection and the darkened windows of the limousines. I want not only to choose them one time and for five years, but also to withdraw at once as soon as I feel that they come off real life and start to rob.

2. I want mayors of all cities of Ukraine followed an example the mayor of Lviv and any other European cities and go to work on foot or by public transport or the car because state cars and their running costs are taxpayers’ money: mine and my people, and it is better to spend it for a development of a city and social spheres.

3. I want oligarchs who have robbed the senior generation at the beginning of dashing 90th, spent money not for football clubs and entertainments, and put it in education, in basic scientific researches, in infrastructure of the cities and settlements as it is done by rich people in the advanced states of the world.

4. I want the peace and understanding with neighbors, mutually advantageous prospects, after all in the culture of Slavs from time immemorial all questions decided peacefully, together, and the closest relative was always a neighbor.

5. I want honest judges who not for money, and owing to the professional duties decide who is right and who is wrong.

6. I want to have a worthy salary and the honest competition.

7. I want that everybody know and understand that Ukraine is an independent state that is ready to be friends with pleasure with those who support it and help with trouble. But, at the same time, it is unpleasant to me when someone pokes a nose into affairs of my people and imposes decisions which to harm to my state and the people.

And if after all, I and the most part of people standing in “Majdan” are still "romantics", "nationalists", "radicals" and "Bandera", let it be. It is my choice and I hope the choice of Ukrainian people.