Berehova, Halyna Dmytrivna

Berehova, Halyna Dmytrivna / ISPC Member

Berehova Halyna Dmytrivna (born on September, 25, 1960, village of M. Horkii, Beryslav district Kherson region) – Doctor of Philosophical Sciences (09.00.10 – Philosophy of education), professor, head of the chair of Philosophy and social-humanitarian disciplines of the State Higher Educational Establishment «Kherson State Agrarian University», leader of the initiative scientific-research work on the subject «Humanitarian component in the system of higher education of Ukraine» (№ 0115U001618), member of the editorial board of the Scientific Journal «Future Human Image». Author of 160 scientific-methodical works. Teacher of the disciplines «Philosophy of Science», «Philosophical problems in Biology», «Philosophical problems in Ecology», «Ethics»; elaborator of the author's courses «Biophilosophy», «Ecophilosophy», «Bioethics».


Sphere of scientific interests

Philosophy of education, Philosophy of language, Biophilosophy, Ecophilosophy, Ethics, Bioethics.


  • 2013 – defence of thesis for the degree of a doctor of philosophical sciences in speciality 09.00.10 – Philosophy of education;
  • 2011-2012 – aspirant for a doctor's degree of the chair of Social Philosophy and Philosophy of education of the M. P. Dragomanov National pedagogical university;
  • 2010 – Higher school of Philosophy of the G. S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy;
  • 2003 – defence of thesis for the degree of a candidate of pedagogical sciences in speciality 13.00.02 – theory and methodics of teaching;
  • 1996-2002 – presenter of the chair of the Ukrainian linguistics of Kherson State University;
  • 1982-1987 – Kherson N. K.Krupska pedagogical institute;
  • 1975-1979 – Beryslav pedagogical school;
  • 1967-1975 – M. Horkii eight-year school.

Monographs and manuals

  • Berehova H. D. Educational potential of philosophical knowledge in the system of higher agrarian education in Ukraine: Monograph / Halina Beregova. – Kherson: Ailanthus, 2012. – 312 p.
  • Berehova H. D. Sociology: Part one. History of Sociology: Manual; [stamp of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine] / H. D. Berehova. – Kherson: Ailanthus, 2011. – 322 p.
  • Berehova H. D. The Ukrainian language (of professional purposefulness): Teaching-methodical manual; [stamp of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Provisions of Ukraine] / H. D. Berehova. – Kherson: «Oldi-plus», 2011. – 340 p.
  • Berehova H. D. Aristotle's biological treatises: Manual in Biophilosophy / H. D. Berehova. – Kherson: Ailanthus, 2015. – 58 p.

Main publications (in all about 120)

  • Berehova H. D. Hylozoism as theory of animate nature in the spiritual culture of mankind / H. D. Berehova // The Scientific Journal «Visnyk DAKKKiM». – № 2. – K.: Millennium, 2012. – P. 7-10.
  • Berehova H. D. Formation of planetary-cosmic world outlook of the students of higher agrarian educational establishments of Ukraine / H. D. Berehova // European Science and Technology: publishing office «Bildungszentrum Rodnik e.V». – Wiesbaden, Germany, 2012. – P.846-852.
  • Berehova H. D. Philosophy of nature in the system of formation of ecological consciousness / H. D. Berehova // Materials of the 4-th International ecological forum «A clean city. A clean river.The clean planet». – Kherson, 2012. – P.483-491.Beregovaya G. D. Pragmatic-instrumental prerequisite of Philosophy of education and bringing up by Philosophy / G. D. Beregovaja // The Scientific Journal «Young scientist». – № 12 (47). – Volume ІІ. – Chyta: OOO «Publishing house Young Scientist», 2012. – P. 299-302. (The international catalogue of periodical publications «Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory»).
  • Berehova H. D. Spiritual-energetic essence of a word / H. D. Berehova // Gileya: scientific bulletin. Collection of scientific works; [Editor-in-chief V. M. Vashkevych]. – Issue 76 (№9). – K.: VIR UAN, 2013. – P. 101-104.
  • Berehova H. D. A philosophical component in the process of education and bringing up of the domestic agrarian higher educational establishments / H. D. Berehova // The Scientific Journal «Education and Pedagogical Sciences». – № 4 (159). – Luhansk: 2013. – P. 35-43.
  • Berehova H. D. Mutual crossing of the Philosophy of education and bringing up in the theoretical reconstruction of the forms and methods of communication of generations / H. D. Berehova // Bulletin of the National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute». Series «Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics». - №1 (37). – 2013. - P. 3-9.
  • Berehova H. D. Search of new philosophical-educational paradigms in the context of educational crisis / H. D. Berehova // The Scientific Journal «Visnyk DAKKKiM». – № 4. – K.: Millennium, 2013. – P. 3-8.
  • Berehova H. D. World outlook scope of philosophical energetics / H. D. Berehova // Collection of scientific works «Actual problems of history, theory and practice of artistic culture» DAKKKiM. – Issue ХХХІ.– K.: Millennium, 2013. – P. 3-9.
  • Beregovaya G. D. Philosophy of education: character of bringing up by Philosophy in the system of the conscious influence upon personality / G. D. Beregovaja // The Scientific Journal «Bulletin of Hrodno Yanka Kupala State University. Series 1. History and Archeology. Philosophy. Polytology». – №1 (144). – 2013. – Hrodno: Hrodno State University. – P.113-121.
  • Berehova H. D. Actuality of research in Philosophy of education in higher agrarian schools of Ukraine / H. D. Berehova // Canadian Journal of Science, Education and Culture, 2014, No.1. (5) (January-June). Volume II. «Toronto Press». Toronto, 2014. – P.457-552.
  • Berehova H. D. Neoeconomic knowledge and cognition in the formation of a modern personality's world outlook / H. D. Berehova // Gileya: scientific bulletin: collection of scientific works // H. D. Berehova. – R.: Gileya, 2015. – Issue. 95 (4). – P. 261-265.
  • Berehova H. D. Significance of Philosophy of education in the historical context / H. D. Berehova // « Humanitarian bulletin of Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy»: Collection of scientific works / Under the editing of V. G. Voronkova. – Issue 65. – Zaporizhzhia, RBB Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy, 2016. – 290 p. – P. 251-262.
  • Beregova G. D. Natural philosophy in the system of ideological orientations of personality / Beregova Galyna, Gawdzik Andrzej. – Poland, Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach. – 2016.
  • Beregova G. D. Philosophy of education: pragmatism-instrumentalism of the concept of man's future formation in higher school / H. D. Berehova // The Scientific Journal «Future Human Image». – 2016. – P. 31-45.