Eric G. Frost

Eric G. Frost / ISPC Member

Eric G. Frost (San Diego, USA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Research Fields

Structural geology, Field geology, Regional tectonics, Seismic reflection profiling, Geologic imaging.


Professor, San Diego State University; Director of the Visualization Center at San Diego State University, Director of Fire Infrastructure Research and Education Solutions (FIRES) Center; Co-Director, Center for Information Technology and Infrastructure; Co-Director, Graduate Program in Homeland Security; Co-Director of Center Against Trafficking of Commodities and Humans (CATCH);

Education and Training

1983 – PhD, University of Southern California;

Selected Publications

  • Graham M. Kent, Deborah L. Kilb, John A. Orcutt, and Eric G. Frost (2002). Collaborative Visualization in Earth and Ocean Sciences;
  • Barstow, D. Frost, E. (2002). Do we really understand what we see? Cognitive issues inremote-sensing from the perspective of a scientist and an educator;