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08 April 2011
Cosmos as the development
07 April 2011
In the world there is a threat of Space terrorism
06 April 2011
Private space carrier SpaceX talked about a super-heavy booster Falcon Heavy
05 April 2011
Ukraine bids farewell to man-age, designer Stanislav Konyukhov
04 April 2011
Pavel Ivanov (MHU) about the «optimization» of bacteria and biohydrogen
03 April 2011
Extraction of minerals on asteroids may betray the presence of extraterrestrial
02 April 2011
Declassified unknown details of Gagarin's flight
01 April 2011
MESSENGER will report the first results of Mercurian`s watch
31 March 2011
30 March 2011
Philosophy of Education! March 23-24, 2011 in Kursk (Russia), held a regional forum with international participation «The spiritual and moral education in vocational school: experience, problems and prospects»