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13 February 2011
To fly to Mars can be mounted on an asteroid
12 February 2011
First Ukrainian tourist will fly into outer space
11 February 2011
Opinion! Philosophy of Education! Kostenkov V.V. «Man of the Future»
10 February 2011
New! Space travel! Space tourism!
09 February 2011
Hundreds of volunteers willing to get a ticket to Mars at one end
06 February 2011
Philosophy of education. Talk! O.A. Bazaluk The methodology of the study in view of modern European approaches. Part 1. Lectures»
05 February 2011
International Scientific Conference «RUSSIAN PHILOSOPHY: HISTORY, METHODOLOGY, LIFE»
01 February 2011
All-Russian scientific conference
28 January 2011
Members of the International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology heartily congratulate Leonid Konstantinovich Kadenyuk with the anniversary.
25 January 2011
Started accepting papers for the Second International Scientific and Practical Internet conference «IMAGE OF THE MAN OF THE FUTURE: WHOM and HOW to EDUCATE IN YOUNGER GENERATIONS»