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19 March 2011
Famous astronauts opened the exhibition at the Museum of Ziolkowski
18 March 2011
Governor N.Y. Belykh discussed with Russian cosmonauts issues of creating in the city of Kirov's Children Space Center
17 March 2011
A gala evening dedicated to the 30-year anniversary of space flight V.P. Savinykh
16 March 2011
In 2015, the first satellite-refueling will be on the orbit
15 March 2011
European Space Agency is making plans for the Decade
14 March 2011
Why do we need space
11 March 2011
In Simferopol held Gagarin Readings
10 March 2011
To learn well, need much sleep
09 March 2011
American astrobiologist reported finding traces of extraterrestrial life
07 March 2011
Observations confirmed the theory of the growth of large galaxies